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Working with key stakeholders and partners, we collect data and gather evidence through programme evaluations that enhance our programs, activities and the operating standards of the organisation. These results are collated and presented in our annual report. Additionally, following our participation at national and international conferences we often produce report that detail highlights of our participation, our recommendations and expected outcomes.  


We also conduct research on laws and frameworks that deal with the elimination of violence and abuse against women and children and consequently guide our programmes and submit these findings to inform amendments to bills and draft policies.  

As part of our public education and outreach we regularly produce posters and public service announcements that call on communities to know the signs of domestic violence or abuse and to report all forms of abuse. Those affected are provided with information on where to seek help.

Annual Report 22-23 cover image_edited_e

Annual reports, conference reports, toolkits


Submissions to bill and policy amendments/drafts


Posters on GBV, domestic violence, child abuse

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